Z^2 (zoofussa) wrote in veggies_r_us,


I tried a bite of one, which my book described as peppery, and it almost knocked me over. Those babies are SPICY!

Anything one can do with them that cuts the bite, or are you just supposed to use them sparingly like a spice?
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Hrm, the radishes I have had are not spicy. Is this a special variety? I don't use them much, but I occasionally put them in salad as an extra crunchy veggie but I don't find that they add much, taste-wise?
That's what I was wondering. They looked more long and oblong compared to the rounder ones I normally see.

They were super spicey, they had an afterbite like you bit into a pepper.
I don't usually eat radishes because of the spicy factor, so I have no idea.
When my sister and I were five and four, my dad told us they were cherries and gave us a bite. Yowza!

I like them sliced up thinly on a salad. They're much more bearable when you don't get so much in one bite.
Maybe I will try some very, very thin slices.
LOL - you just took a big old bite? Slice them thin - paper thin - and use them in salads. They add a great kick that way, with a himaca-like crispy juicyness which appeals to me.
No, it was a thin slice and it still made my eyes almost water. I'm also a wimp though.

Maybe it would be OK in little pieces in a salad.