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I'm so excited that everyone is coming in here. I spend a lot of time trolling around on the web looking for ideas, but most of them are too complicated or I forget where I saw them. So here we are.

My personal goal is to try one new veggie every couple of weeks at least. Or maybe just a veggie I rarely make. And we can go from there. I'm also going to try and keep on top of tags and adding things to memories, if it becomes active enough.

So my first throwdown: EGGPLANT. I have one. Now what the hell do I do with it? (I may transfer jeb's ratatouiile recipe to here, I think that included it.) I tried making a moussaka last week, which was very good, actually, but 1. labor intensive and 2. Pretty high on the fat factor so I'm not including it here.

I hear eggplant absorbs a lot of oil, and when I was sauteeing it for the moussaka it did get almost greasy. I'd be interested in trying eggplant parmiagiana if I could figure out a not too terrible version of it, or any other things you do with it and love.

Bring it on!
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